We are a Georgia focused investment platform, aiming to deliver on 4x20 strategy

Our Governance

Corporate governance framework


Corporate Governance Statement

In the year ended 31 December 2015, we complied with the main principles of the UK Corporate Governance Code 2014 (the Code) save for Section D.1.1, which recommends a three-year vesting period for all shares granted as part of remuneration. Shares granted as discretionary compensation vest over a two-year period following the work year for which the discretionary compensation was earned. However, our overall remuneration package is weighted heavily to deferred share compensation and includes deferred salary shares, which vest over a five-year period following the work year. As a result, the average vesting period for deferred share compensation exceeds the Code’s recommended minimum of three years. A full version of the Code can be found on the Financial Reporting Council’s website: www.frc.org.uk

Details of our application of the Main Principles of the Code can be found here.

Board Composition and Board Committees

The BGEO Group PLC Board comprises seven Directors: our Chairman (deemed independent on appointment), our CEO and five Independent Non-Executive Directors.
  • Neil Janin, Chairman
  • Irakli Gilauri, CEO
  • David Morrison, Senior Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Al Breach, Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Kim Bradley, Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Tamaz Georgadze, Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Hanna Loikkanen, Independent Non-Executive Director

The biographies of each of our Directors can be found here.

Each of the Chairman, CEO, Senior Independent Director and Non-Executive Directors has clearly defined roles within our Board structure, which are reviewed on an annual basis. Details of these defined roles can be found here.

The BGEO Board is assisted in fulfilling its responsibilities by four principal committees: the Audit CommitteeNomination CommitteeRemuneration Committee and Risk Committee.

Schedule of Reserved Matters for the Board

The Directors have approved a Schedule of Matters Reserved for the Board which can be found here.